You are a member of a team that has been asked to investigate an earthquake or volcanic eruption—or a series of such events that occurred within the past 20 years. You will record data, ideas, and note any questions you have regarding your event in your interactive notebook. Drawing from your notebook, you will create a website that describes the event, or series of events: where, when, magnitude, and what happened to people and to the environment

Your website must include the following:

  • A map showing where this disaster took place
  • Diagram that accurately depicts and/or explains the geological causes for this event
  • Images, videos, or art depicting the event
  • Poetry, music, or first-hand accounts

You should also provide answers to the following questions:

  • Why did an earthquake occur here?
  • How severe was this earthquake? What was its ranking on the Richter scale?
  • How did this earthquake affect people's lives in the region?
  • What was the quality of construction in the region? How did buildings and other structures fare in the quake?
  • How prepared was this city for an earthquake? What evidence is there to support your answer?
  • How did politicians react to the earthquake?
  • What do geologists or others say should be done to prepare this city for another earthquake?