In order to understand how any given civilization develops, rises, and falls, it is necessary to assess it from multiple perspectives (i.e., geography, technology, religion, government, culture & customs, population, etc...).

  • Each group will create an exhibit that has 5 rooms & 23 total artifacts with descriptions.
  • All group members will have to research and prepare "talking points" that addresses the research topics
  • Afterwards, the entire class will conduct a gallery walk to compare and contrast the various ancient civilizations.

Step 1: Receive your Ancient Civilization & begin Ancient Civilization Shared Folder (First Section Due 9/6)

  • Mesopotamia (i.e., Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, etc...)
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Crete
  • Indus Valley (Ancient India)
  • Andean (i.e., Inca)
  • Meso-American (i.e., Maya)
  • North China

Step 2: Research the topics (Due 9/11)

Divide the following research equally among yourselves and create a collaborative word document that shows who is assigned each research topic. Everyone will type their research, notes, thoughts, and ideas into this collaborative document.

IMPORTANT: Pay close attention to the verbs (i.e., Compare, Analyze, Evaluate, Explain, etc...)

  1. Compare how different geographic issues of the ancient period influenced settlement
  2. Analyze the development of government and/or legal code of this civilization
  3. Analyze the development and growth of the religion
  4. Analyze how increased trade and enhanced technological innovation impacted scientific thought and the arts
  5. Analyze the relationship between trade routes and the development and decline of this civilization
  6. Compare the conditions, racial composition, and status of social classes, castes, and slaves in this ancient civilization
  7. Evaluate the achievements of your civilization in terms of their enduring cultural impact

Step 3: Brainstorm & begin organizing the exhibit (Due 9/17)

  • Begin brainstorming and organizing your groups' exhibit.
  • Group of 4 = The exhibit must have 5 rooms & 23 total artifacts
  • Group of 3 = The exhibit must have 4 rooms & 18 total artifacts
    • Each room should have a "theme" that stems from the 7 research topics.
    • Artifact & information slides should be used to provide a clear understanding of the research topics.
      • Each artifact should include 1-2 paragraphs (MUST include in-text citations)
        • Each artifact summary & citations (1-2 paragraphs) need to be in your research/citations document
      • Labeled with the (a) Date, (b) Location, (c) Name / Description
      • Each artifact must include a citation in MLA format

Step 4: Gallery Walk & Comparison Chart (TBA)

Museum Template (Optional):

Suggested Resources: