Research Notes:

Use the following questions to guide your research (I would make sure you have an answer for each of these questions.)

Geography - Where were they located? What is the place called today? What effect did the geographic setting have on the civilization that grew there? Were they geographically isolated from other civilizations? Were they exposed to large bodies of water?

Time Period – When did they emerge as a civilization? When were they at their peak? How long were they around? When did they fall?

Government – What type of rulership did they have? How were they organized? What type of laws did they have? What were their courts like?

Economy – What role did trade and commerce have in this civilization? What were their major products for trade? How did their geography affect their trade? Was their economy based on a division of social classes?

Beliefs – What kind of religion or worship did they practice? Were they Polytheistic? Monotheistic? Was their religion and their government combined? Did they believe in life after death?

Technology – What innovations were made in this civilization? Did they have a calendar? Did they have irrigation systems? How did they build their buildings? Roads?

Writing – What form of communication did they use? What type of writing did they have? Was it pictographic? Can we read it today? Why did it develop? Was it used by other civilizations as well?

Art/Architecture – What role did the arts have in this civilization? What were their main forms of art? What was their architecture like? What can we learn about them from their art?

Slavery -- How was slavery a part of this civilization? Were the cities built by forced labor? Was slavery based on race? Was it permanent?

Rise and Fall -- What caused this civilization to rise and fall? Did they conquer another civilization? Were they conquered? How many times were they conquered? Could they have stayed in power of their geographic location had been different?

Contributions -- What were the major contributions of this civilization to the world at their time? Are there any lasting contributions still seen today? What did they leave us?

Golden Age? -- Did this civilization have a golden age? Was their a period in their history when they had a lot of money, power, art, trade, andfood? How long did it last? Why did it end? What caused it?