In this project, you will analyze the main causes, effects, & catalysts of several economic and social revolutions. We will also attempt to understand various political, economic, and social perspectives as to "why" each revolution occurred.


  1. Haitian Revolution
  2. Cuban Revolution
  3. Chinese Cultural Revolution
  4. Iranian Revolution
  5. The October Revolution
  6. The Glorious Revolution
  7. The American Revolution
  8. The French Revolution

Task 1:
  • Group leader: Log into Google Drive and locate "World Dynamics Documents & Files"
    • Make a copy of the entire folder: "Analyzing Revolutions Around the World"
    • Share it with your group members
  • In your teams, divide these revolutions among yourselves and complete the following document for each revolution.

Task 2:
  • In your teams, group these revolutions into categories of your choosing (it is completely up to you and your team how you do this)
  • On a sheet of paper, depict the categories, revolutions, and reason(s) for why your team grouped them this way (i.e., what made them similar? What made them different from the others?)
  • Appoint a group leader to share out