The Age of Exploration Project - Due January 7, 2011


  • Christopher Columbus
  • Vasco da Gama
  • Sir Francis Drake
  • Ferdinand Magellan

Address the following in your glogster:

  • Where was the explorer from originally (homeland)?
  • For what country did he explore?
  • Where did he explore?
  • How did his exploration help his country?
  • What effects did his discovery have on the area that he explored or discovered (native population, etc)?
  • What year(s) did he explore?
  • How long was his voyage? If more than one, how long did each voyage last?

  • Using the above information, you will create a Glogster that creatively displays the information.
  • DO NOT "ONLY" use a bunch of text! Use pictures, graphics and images
  • Glogster should be interesting, colorful, organized, and informative.
  • Include a map showing the point from which he started and shade in the areas that he explored.

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